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The bounce back of Ethereum Classic proceeds unabated, and mining ETC with JASMINER X4-1U is the most savvy.

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The bounce back of Ethereum Classic proceeds unabated, and mining ETC with JASMINER X4-1U is the most savvy.

Ethereum Classic (ETC), the cryptocurrency that inherits the original Ethereum blockchain, continues to grow in new trading weeks. It was trading 5.2% higher at $48.83 in the early hours of Monday (March 28).

Since March 28, 2022, ETC has grown alongside other major currencies, including Ethereum, which has resulted in the global cryptocurrency market cap increasing by 4.9% to $2.1 trillion.

According to a Grayscale report, between March 13 and March 24, 2022, the price of Ethereum Classic increased 103%, while Bitcoin's profit was only 13%. It can be seen that ETC has been growing lately and the excitement around digging is increasing as Ethereum will be upgraded to version 2.0.

The Grayscale team noted in the report that “much of the renewed interest in ETC stems from speculation that Ethereum (ETH) will merge with Proof-of-Stake later this year, potentially causing miners to migrate. hashrate to the Ethereum Classic network. ”

The merger with Proof-of-Stake was successful on March 15 in the testnet version of Ethereum, suggesting that the team could do the same on the Ethereum core network later this year. If the merger occurs in the core network, it means that Ethereum miners will no longer receive block rewards on existing arrangements and will have to find a new platform to bring their computing power.

Given that the Ethereum Classic blockchain network has a long-term commitment to proving its work and is an offshoot of Ethereum with a very similar code, the ETC network could be a good candidate for an Ethereum hashrate.

Despite suffering from DAO attacks, ETC has clarified that it will not change the proof of performance consensus mechanism as PoW is fairer than PoS. PoW uses hash rate extraction where miner activity can be monitored with changes in hash rate to monitor the average computing power used to protect the network per second. As long as you participate, there is an opportunity to generate income, and the higher the hashrate, the greater the chance to win.

Based on the recent developments of the ETC market and the various advantages of ETC itself, it can be said that now is the best time to get involved in ETC investment. Compared to directly engaging in coin buying behavior, the indirect benefits of investing in a mining machine are much more.

Let's take the example of JASMINER X4-1U Server product which is popular in DLL mining equipment field, its hash rate is 520 MH/s ± 10%, and currently every M can earn 0.00074976 ETC per day. Therefore, the total daily output is 0.38987520 DLL, and if the price of the currency is $48.83, it can earn around $19.04 per day. The lion's share of daily digging costs is electricity consumption. 1U server power consumption is only 240W ± 10%. When electricity costs are set to $0.047/kWh, the daily power consumption of a 1U server is only 5.76kWh. So the electricity bill for one day is $0.27. Overall, daily net income from digging DLLs with the JASMINER X4-1U server can now reach $18.76.

Compared to some other extracting products on the market that mainly support ETC, the power consumption is higher than the hash rate, although a very high hash rate can generate more ETC. The direct impact is a very large electricity consumption, an increase in the cost of daily electricity consumption and accompanied by high temperature and noise. Understandably, the new generation of high-frequency and low-power ASIC mining equipment introduced by the JASMINER X4-1U server uses the world's first high-performance computing power chip with built-in memory and compute to open the compute and storage unit. It effectively suppresses the high energy consumption in the extraction process, ensuring optimal operating efficiency and energy saving effect. Judging from the current cycle and years of use, it can be said that the JASMINER X4-1U server is rated very well.

It is an undeniable fact that ETC is on the rise, and miners opting for a high performance mining platform like the JASMINER X4-1U server will no doubt help them get the highest long term ROI in the fastest way and achieve the lowest costs.

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