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NVIDIA CMP 170HX - 163 Mh/s - 250W

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Designed for professional mining operations

NVIDIA CMP allows a fully open, airflow-optimized bracket and is configured to allow a greater number of GPUs to be controlled by one CPU.

Optimized for best mining performance

NVIDIA GPU architecture allows you to mine more efficiently and recoup your mining investment faster.

The CMP 170HX is an enthusiast-class professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched on September 1st, 2021. Built on the 7 nm process, and based on the GA100 graphics processor, in its GA100-105F-A1 variant, the card does not support DirectX.

Since CMP 170HX does not support DirectX 11 or DirectX 12, it might not be able to run all the latest games. The GA100 graphics processor is a large chip with a die area of 826 mm² and 54,200 million transistors. Unlike the fully unlocked A100 PCIe, which uses the same GPU but has all 6912 shaders enabled, NVIDIA has disabled some shading units on the CMP 170HX to reach the product's target shader count. It features 4480 shading units, 280 texture mapping units, and 128 ROPs. Also included are 280 tensor cores which help improve the speed of machine learning applications. NVIDIA has paired 16 GB HBM2e memory with the CMP 170HX, which are connected using a 4096-bit memory interface. The GPU is operating at a frequency of 1140 MHz, which can be boosted up to 1410 MHz, memory is running at 1458 MHz.
Its power draw is rated at 250 W maximum. This device has no display connectivity, as it is not designed to have monitors connected to it. CMP 170HX is connected to the rest of the system using a PCI-Express 4.0 x4 interface.